Indian wedding DJ in Chicago has been providing elite services to its clientele since its inception. The aim of Indian wedding DJ Services is to provide Indian music art to its client base all over Chicago. We provided exclusively dazzling services to the power couple Shakti and Robert on their special day. ROBERT and Shakti knew each other as friends for about five years. After working as close colleagues they got to know each other and they fell in love and this is from where the entertainment starts. For entertainment, you don’t need to rely on a friend or a relative and worry about the potential disadvantages. We’re going to reach an understanding with you and you’re really going to get the best from us. Here the story begins.

Shakti belongs to India and has total Indian roots whereas Robert was born and brought up in Chicago. When they came to Indian Wedding DJ in Chicago we knew that they wanted a mix of two cultures and a major blast. And that’s what we offered them. The theme of the wedding was Indian. The couple wanted the major confetti effects for their entrance to make their entry classic yet chic at the same time. We provided the low lying pressure gas to our bride and groom along with the confetti special effect. 

The entrance left all the guests stunned with the beautiful and mesmerizing concept that we provided. The couple had the best time of their life. The venue was given the pattern light all over. The wash light was making the venue look thousand times more elegant and enchanting.

After the guests were settled and were enjoying their time, we secretly allowed our staff to start jamming among the gathering. Our talented team of singers appeared from different corners and different dancers started doing the bhangra which is the most awaited and most fun thing about Indian weddings. Bhangra dhol and dholki made the environment of the wedding so energetic that the guests couldn’t stop themselves from dancing on the beats.

When everyone joined the dance floor, the couple had the most-awaited and magical moment of their life and that was the cloud dance. This dance made their wedding more enchanting and everyone was drooling over the special effect and environment that was created. The effect gave realization of the couple being on the cloud and having the best time of their life while everyone was busy enjoying them and their dance as much as we were doing.     

 The crowd of the wedding was one of the most energetic crowds we had worked with. Our DJ played every song that was requested and suited the moment. All the guests were in complete awe and had the best time that night. That’s what we as the Indian Wedding DJ do, we make sure we make lifetime impressions.