Project Description

Our wonderful client Chris and Elijah hired us for the lighting services of their wedding event. The couple had multiple consultations with us before their ceremony. Chris wanted his wedding day to be exceptional and exquisite on another level and that’s what we did for him. Our talented team of people provided them with the lighting experience that they had never experienced before. The right event lighting created the atmosphere for the event that they liked. We can create an elegant look and feel with our lighting professionals, and we incorporated high-energy lighting to complement the music of the event that day. Hence, everything was in sync that day.

The talented team of Indian wedding DJ carried out the event admirably and offered:

  • Room wash lighting which gave the venue especially the ballroom, the hues of purple just the way the couple wanted.
  • The pattern lighting setup was provided in the venue, which increased the beauty of the location.
  • The perfect way to accentuate architectural elements in a space is our LED wall up-lighting. For this purpose, we used wireless battery-driven LED lighting. This lighting created depth and increased the vibrancy of the venue. This lighting, paired with drapes or spandex shapes, made the venue look grander than it was already.


Indian wedding DJ chicago have given us the best music of our lives. We are happy that we chose them for our big day. It couldn’t have been more better. We enjoyed every bit of it. We totally loved your coordination!

Chris & Elijah